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About Us.  

No additives! – a rich and natural sound

In this technological age it is rare to hear the human voice singing acoustically. It is usual for the performer to be separated from an audience by a wall of electronic instrumentation - microphones, mixing desks, loud speakers and other impediments to natural sound. Our aim is to rediscover the richness of pure vocal harmony and give people the opportunity to hear our songs without any electronic enhancement or distortion.

As our sound is best enjoyed acoustically, small venues and gatherings are our preferred setting. Birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, retirement parties, musical evenings etc. are our speciality.

The Songs
We started out learning a couple of songs which had been originally arranged and sung by the Boswell sisters in the 1930s. We were blown away by the complexity and originality of the harmonies and rhythm, and quickly decided we had to explore this music further.

Our first public performance was at a birthday party of a friend. We were amazed at the response - everyone loved it, from grandparents to children. The sheer exuberance of the songs and the constant changing of tempo keeps the listener on their toes and is (we are told) a truly uplifting experience. Since then we have added to our repertoire with other songs of the period, but have tried to remain faithful to the spirit the Boswell Sisters by relishing the complexities of the music and performing with humour and grace.



The Bovril Sisters are:

Cathy Evans
Cathy was the founder of our group. She has been passionate about close harmony singing since she was a member of Proper Little Madams back in the 1980s when she toured the folk/alternative cabaret scene. As well as singing with The Bovril Sisters Cathy also regularly plays guitar with a Rock & Roll band.

Rachel Foster
Is a professional singer and has worked with many successful bands. She has toured extensively both here in the UK and America and has had chart success with her band Weekend Players. Rachel’s love of jazz has taken her to sing at such venues as The Jazz Café and Glastonbury.

Trina Furre
Studied for a music degree at Dartington College of Art. She has had much experience singing a variety of different musics ranging from classical to jazz. She now splits her time between singing and working with new media (website design and electronic sound manipulation for CD-Rom).

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about what we do or would like to discuss the possibility of us coming to sing for you.
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